Barbecue joints, steak houses, Mexican restaurants _ Rick Majerus never missed a good one.
Oh sure, he could coach a little, too. 
But no reminisces about spending time with the late, great coaching lifer -- the way Porter Moser of Loyola-Chicago did when he served as the Big Man's assistant from 2007-11 -- would be complete without a few food stories. 
``I could see his mind working,'' Moser said, in recalling a trip to Richmond, a city Majerus had not been to before. ``There was a bellhop who was about 350 pounds, and he started beelining for him.'' 
But Moser could also see trouble brewing.
Because Majerus lived most of his adult life out of a suite at the Marriott, he was one of the world's top points collectors. So, anytime he got near a property ``it was like `Let's Make A Deal' broke out, with all the bells and whistles,''' Moser said. 
As Majerus was making his way toward the bellhop, a senior manager was making her way toward the coach. 
Perks are one thing. 
Barbecue is another. 
Moser's story: ``He walks up to him and says `Excuse me, can you tell me where the best barbecue in Richmond is?' She interrupts and says, `I'm so-and-so, and I'm going to take care of you.' He puts his hand up and says, `No offense, ma'am, but if I want a restaurant recommendation, it's got to come from a guy like him, not from you.''
Moser says he sees the delicious irony of this being the 20-year anniversary of Utah's appearance in the national final _ right here at the Alamodome. Majerus and the Utes fell 78-69 to Kentucky that night. 
``It physically bothered him to lose that game,'' Moser said.
No enchilada plate could take that pain away. 
But boy did they have some good times out. 
``We'd go to a restaurant and it's an event. There's 10, 12, 14 people there,'' Moser said. ``It's three hours. Everyone's in pain. He goes around, `Who wants dessert?' It's `No. No. No. No. Well, maybe.' Next thing, he's calling the waiter over, says he'll have 10 cannolis, three creme brulees. It was an event.
``And,'' Moser said, ``I'd give my right arm to have one more meal with him.''