(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Gonzaga's Johnathan Williams has played like a super hero at times during the NCAA Tournament, dashing in to stop the opposing team's best player, slashing in to throw down a thunderous dunk.

For a fan of Marvel Comics, it's a comparison the junior forward likes.

“They all have struggles, ups and downs, the enemy gets the best of them sometimes and they’re able to come back and redeem things,” he said. “They have a struggle and they always find a way to better themselves and take different approaches to the fight.”

Williams got into comics during his sophomore year at Missouri, where a roommate worked in a comic book store in Columbia. He went to the store a few times and spent hours talking to his roomie about comics during his time there.

“Instead of late-night sitting around talking about girls, we talked about comic books,” Williams said.

His favorite super hero, well, besides himself: Iron Man.