The 700 tickets were gone in two minutes.

That came as no surprise whatsoever to the -- how shall we say -- rabid members of the Kennel Club.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs student booster group came to Phoenix en masse this weekend _ some loading up their cars with granola bars, Red Bull and candy to ensure they stay awake on the 20-hour drive from their home base in Spokane, Washington.

Yes, they take this seriously.

The Kennel Club is the largest student group on a campus that has only 5,000 or so undergrads.

President Daniel Incerpi calls it "a passion of mine."

Has to be.

One of the most renowned traditions of the Kennel Club, which began modestly in the 1980s when some baseball players tried to drum up support for their varsity bretheren, is the Tent City it runs every week on campus before home games.

A tweet goes out to Kennel Club members marking the place on campus where the tents will be set up. A mad rush to that spot ensues, and those who get there first get the best spots for the biggest game _ and the best chance of getting some air time for the contests on ESPN.

"You get dedicated people who are willing to stay out there for the night," Incerpi said. "They'll brave the cold elements and go through just about anything to get ready for game day."

The club collects $20 each from all its members to build up funds, some of which came in very handy this season. Dozens of students coming down for the school's first-ever trip to the Final Four received a $100 travel reimbursement from the Kennel Club.

A meaningful gesture, though, as the Kennel Club shows, cheering for the Zags is about heart more than money.

"The feeling on campus is, we're here and we might as well take the whole thing," Incerpi said. "The plan is to stay here to Monday night, and hopefully, we'll be going back happy on Tuesday."