(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Rick Pitino is teaching more than just basketball at Louisville.

He’s giving players valuable lessons in basketball history.

The Cardinals coach has long used stories about former NBA star Bernard King’s ability to explain how to effectively post up and demand the ball. First, he had to explain who King was.

In Indianapolis, it happened again. This time, it was Grant Hill, who was part of the broadcast team CBS sent to town for Friday night's games.

Pitino and Kentucky fans will always remember Hill for one reason _ he threw the baseball baseball pass to Christian Laettner  for one of the biggest buzzer-beating shots in tourney history. The victory sent Duke to the 1992 Final Four.

But for current players, well, that seemed to be a forgotten detail.

“They just met Grant Hill. You would think they would know all about Grant Hill because it hasn't been that long. I certainly remember him,” Pitino joked Sunday in Indianapolis, drawing laughter. “So I tell them pro stories all the time about guys, and we have a good time with it. ... There are certain teams I've coached I wouldn't tell stories to. This group is pretty good.”