KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Josiah Allick scored 24 points in the first game and 20 in the in second as UMKC swept Kansas Christian in a rare basketball doubleheader on Saturday, by scores of 98-42 and 95-36.

“I haven’t (played twice in one day) since high school," Allick said. "Back in AAU days it was definitely the norm, but never thought it was going to happen in my college career. It was a fun experience.”

The odd scheduling was a result of UMKC (4-4) losing two games during the week to COVID-19 concerns. Kansas Christian, which plays in the NCCAA, agreed to the last-minute doubleheader.

The games were thought to be the first doubleheader in modern Division I history, according to UMKC. The teams took a break of several hours between games.

“We didn’t do it for any other reason than it made the most sense, between testing protocols and the fact that we had canceled three home games already," said UMKC coach Billy Donlon.

Jacob Johnson scored 18 points with 12 rebounds for UMKC in the first game and added 10 points and six boards in the nightcap. D'Anthony Pennington scored 11 and 17, Franck Kamgain 11 and 14.

Vince Smith hit 16 points for Kansas Christian in the opener and 16 more in the nightcap.

UMKC forced 21 turnovers for 28 points in the opener and 24 turnovers for 32 points in the second game.


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